The well-planned succession is more like the graceful exchange of the baton between runners in a relay race.  Like the handoff, the leadership transfer is almost undetectable to the spectator.  Yet it requires stamina, discipline, conditioning, and shared goals.  It also demands a measure of artistry — the teamwork required to pass the baton smoothly at full speed, with the runners neither missing a stride, nor stumbling over each other as they pass.” 

— Succession: The Final Test of Greatness – Craig E. Aronoff, Ph.D. and John L. Ward, Ph.D.

How can Transition Brokers help me?

Transition Brokers helps both buyers and sellers. We help sellers harvest the best value for their businesses at the time of sale — whether at retirement, death or disability.  We help buyers position themselves for a purchase that “fits” their business objectives.

Why should I choose Transition Brokers’ professional process?

So you can enjoy a smooth, stress-free, profitable transition.  Our high-touch, full-service approach is customized to your needs.  You continue to do what you do best and delegate the time-consuming, detailed work of a transition to experienced professionals.

When should I contact Transition brokers?

Sellers should contact us when they first think of retiring, or when they decide to plan for disability or death.  Buyers should contact us when they are seriously considering purchasing a practice.  We match sellers with buyers, or we can assist sellers and buyers who have already identified their match.