When do you plan to sell your practice and retire?


As a professional who understands people and motivation, you know that many of the “no’s“ you receive from clients or prospects are backed by fear.  It could be the fear of losing; it could be the fear of making a mistake, the loss of self-esteem or maybe the fear of the unknown or maybe just the fear of change.  Many people just keep doing what they are doing because they have always done it that way; it is familiar and predictable.

You have learned how to help people overcome their fears.  You know that most people won’t always do what they need to do without your help.  That’s why you are compensated well; you have the ability to help people do the things they need to do.

Think about the terms “familiar” and “comfortable.”  Some people stay in relationships because they are familiar even though they may not be comfortable.  People sometimes stay in abusive relationships because they are predictable; they do not get out of them because the fear of moving on to comfortable is perceived as more stressful – there are too many unknowns.   In some cases it takes professional help to make the necessary changes.

Most of us are not in abusive relationships, but as one advisor told me, his business had changed so much over the years that it was not as much fun as it used to be.  He said that today he not only needed to do a good job, he had to prove it.  Compliance and regulations were becoming the “abusers” in his practice.  He loved working with his clients, but he felt the time had come to find someone to take over his practice so that he could move on to something more comfortable.  It was time to say “yes” to retirement.

Are you financially at the point in your career where working could really be optional?  If you sold your business, would the money from the sale allow you to do the personal and family things you have been putting off?  Would your family like to see you spend less time at work and more time with them?  Why are you really saying “no” to retirement?

You have sold your clients on hiring you, a professional, to help them with their finances.  Perhaps it is time for you to hire a professional; someone to help you think through and talk about your wishes, dreams and legacy.  Perhaps it is time for you to figure out if there is a life after work?  Are you just going to work every day because it is familiar or comfortable, or are you going to work because it is what you really want to do with the rest of your life?  What decision is best for you, your family and your clients?

Eventually every practice changes hands, are you ready?  Are you still healthy enough to do the things you want to do and work a little less?

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