Ten Questions for Your Spouse When you Die or Become Incapacitated


  1. Does your spouse know that if he/she is NOT licensed to run your practice; he/she cannot access any client information because of compliance, privacy laws and regulations?
  2. Your broker/dealer may or may not be your spouse’s best ally.  Is he/she aware of potential conflicts of interest?
  3. Who is his/her trusted contact person; someone who can help him/her with the decisions that need to be made?
  4. Who will run your practice temporarily while your spouse looks for a permanent solution?
  5. How will he/she communicate with your clients so that they don’t scatter while a succession plan is in the works?
  6. Will your spouse receive more for the practice after you are gone than you would have if you sold it while you were still around?
  7. How much and how long will practice income flow to your spouse?
  8. Your practice is only one of your assets; what plans do you have in place to make it easy for your spouse to handle the immediate problems and ultimately settle your estate?
  9. How long will he/she be able to keep the staff onboard?
  10. 10.What about the books?  Who will take care of the bills and receivables?

We can help you with the answers.

We have qualified buyers.  All inquiries will always be held in the strictest confidence.

Contact Ralph Steiner or Ed Howat at transitionbrokers@comcast.net or call 612.817.1939.

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