Business Valuation

Why is valuing my business a good idea?

Having a current valuation helps prepare a business for growth or transition, even an unexpected transition resulting from death or disability.  Sellers find our third-party assessment invaluable in attracting the right buyer and the best price.  Buyers find a practice valuation helps them locate financing and the right purchase fit.

How does Transition Brokers value a practice?

Through a disciplined and detailed analysis since there is more to value than multiples of new and recurring revenue.  A practice valuation from Transition Brokers examines your total picture and reflects a reasonable range that can be acceptable to buyers and bankers.

What can I expect in a valuation from Transition Brokers?

Since your business is worth more than discounted cash flow, Transition Brokers examines all the elements that give your practice value.  Our valuation includes:

  • A recast income statement that reflects the earning power of your practice
  • Pro-forma projections using flexible mathematical assumptions
  • “Blue sky” hidden sales opportunities
  • Suggested enhancements to increase your practice worth

How long does a valuation take?

We will establish a convenient time frame with you for completion of your analysis.