How can Transition Brokers help me, a buyer?

We’ll help you clarify your objectives for an acquisition.  Through our consultative process you’ll focus on the type of practice that best fits your business plans.  We help you avoid costly mistakes.

Why should I choose Transition Brokers?

Buying a practice is a time consuming and detailed process.  It’s an emotional event as well as a business transaction.  Through our disciplined approch, Transition Brokers frees you from these concerns by delivering professional, third-party objectivity.

How does Transition Brokers’ 3-Step process help me?

Our 3-step process provides assurance that you will receive the full value of the practice you are purchasing, both during the transition and for years to come.

Step 1:

We complete a thorough analysis of your business to identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses.  We then address your financial ability to purchase a practice.  With this information in mind, we begin a search for a seller who is a good fit.

Step 2:

We help you understand how a seller’s price was determined and explore opportunities for new sales from the seller’s business.  Together with you, we develop a price range for the purchase.

Step 3:

We help you navigate the terms of the purchase contract.  We work with your attorney and CPA to complete the purchase.

The Ideal Buyer Profile 


  • Established practice, generally $200k ‐ $600k gross revenues
  • 10+ years in the business and one or more professional designations
  • $20M ‐ $100M Assets Under Management
  • Currently has  1‐5 employees, with 1‐2 key advisor(s)
  • Dually registered (advisory and broker/dealer)
  • Commission based and asset based revenue
  • Financially stable; has sum of cash for down payment


  • Accelerate Growth
  • Expand service capability, markets, and/or product offerings
  • Improve organizational efficiencies and technology
  • Leverage a mentor

When should I contact Transition Brokers?

Buyers should contact us when they first consider purchasing a practice.  Buyers should also contact us when they begin planning for their own death or disability.