How can Transition Brokers help me, a seller?

We’ll help you harvest the highest value of your business when it’s sold.  Our process assists you and the buyer to create a win-win situation that serves each of you and your clients

Why should I choose Transition Brokers’ professional process?

So you can enjoy a smooth, stress-free, profitable transition.  You continue to do what you do best and delegate the time-consuming detailed work of a sale to experienced professionals.

How does Transition Brokers’ 3-Step process help me?

Our personalized, high-touch process delivers a comfortable transition for seller, buyer, and clients.  Each step directly matches your unique needs and timing.

Step 1:

We complete a thorough analysis of your business.  We may make suggestions or explore opportunities to improve your bottom line.  We develop a buyer profile that “fits” your practice.

Step 2:

We value your business using a disciplined approach.  We review your business through the eyes of a buyer, and together with you, we develop your high/low price range.  We create a marketing kit to position your practice with qualified buyers.  We narrow the fucus to one buyer.

Step 3:

We identify your “non-negotiable items”.  We define the terms of the sale and negotiate with the buyer.  We work with your attorney and CPA and complete the sale of your practice.


The Ideal Seller Profile


  • Established practice, generally $200k ‐ $600k gross revenues
  • 10+ years in the business and one or more professional designations
  • $20M ‐ $100M Assets Under Management
  • Currently has  1‐5 employees, with 1‐2 key advisor(s)
  • Has segmented client base and formal service model
  • Has made good use of software technology
  • Is commission based and/or asset based revenue
  • Excellent reputation in the community


  • Wants to exit business within 3-5 years
  • Wants a succession plan for clients and employees
  • Would like some liquidity to eventually transition out of business
  • Find a buyer who can deliver the same care and concern to clients

When should I contact Transition Brokers?

Sellers should contact us when they first think of retiring, or when they begin planning for disability or death.